Welcome to Ajeet Public Sec. School

Ajeet Public Sec. School is an English Medium co-educational school which is "AFFILATED TO CBSE (Vide No 1730800)" and spread in approx 5 acre campus. The school provides modern education, laying stress on moral and ethical values. Development of the mind and the body and all round development of the children are the priority areas of APS.

The school aims at excellence in educational technology. Computers, Audio- Visual aids combined with wonderful AFFILATED TO CBSE co-curriculum and extra- curricular activities help in this process. The school offers excellent opportunities for a student to develop a full personality which will enable him/her to tackle any situation in life with confidence. Above all, the school ensures that its products learn to live with others irrespective of race, cast, religion and status.



Knowledge, smartness, self-dependence and orientation is the purpose of education in Ajit Public School...



The dyanamic vision of Ajit Public School is that of Mr. Abhishek Jain. His desire to spread value based education...



Objectives of Schooling To develop competence for effective participation in day-to-day situations.