Accountancy Rules

1. To give shape to visions of the school and to bring our excellent results it is expected from the parents that:-
2. They should be very specific in checking the neatness, cleanliness and punctuality of their ward while sending them to school.
3. They should be regular in going through the student‘s school diary and add here to the remarks and suggestions there in.
4. They should take care to avoid making adverse remarks about the school or its teachers in the presence of their children. This will only result in probable loss of respect that the students have for the institution and its members. However, genuine complaints can be put forward to the Principal for an appropriate solution.
5. They should assist their ward in completion of the home tasks assigned and to make sure that their ward is attending extra classes as and when arranged in the school.
6. They should see that their ward returns home on time and any case of irregularity must be reported immediately to the school office.
7. They should encourage their ward to pay regular visits to the school library.
8. Please see that your ward carries text/ exercise books according to the time table. No extra books are allowed.

In case of late submission of the tuition fees, a fine will be charged as follows:
 The school gate will close 5 minutes after the first bell rings.
 Late arrivals, wherever applicable, will be fined Rs. 50/- if they arrive after the gate has been closed. A second offence will entail a fine of Rs. 150.
 Disciplinary action will be taken against late arrivals who are not carrying the Almanac.

School Timings & Schedule for Interaction :

1st Installment 15th April
2nd Installment 15th July
3rd Installment 15th October
4th Installment 15th January

In case of late submission of the tuition fees, a fine will be charged as follows:

Delay (in number of days) in depositing Tuition Fees Fine Amount
Deposit of Tuition Fees 60 days after the last date of payment of tuition fees. Rs. 5 Per Day
Deposit of Tuition Fees thereafter (Re-admission Fees) Admission Fees