Welcome to Ajeet Public Sec. School

Children are like oysters with lovely pearls. Our aim through out the year was to unearth the hidden potential in each students. Our students have shown exuberant results with their unflagging zeal for perfection. The School constantly aims to equip the students with opportunities for self exposure and adaptability with the competitive world to show stupendous result.

As education is a process towards progressive civilization, it is the most powerful tool in the hands of man enabling him to build a better world by building better minds. Rightly did Elize Cook say 'Better build school rooms for boys than cells and gibbets for man." Education helps a man achieve nobility in reason and be infinite in faculties. It is thus a great joy for me to watch 'Ajit Public School' blossoming into fullness. Any education system worth its name aims at the development of the personality through cultivation of the art of writing as it is in writing that mangives an expression to his deepest sell The importance of writing can never be underestimates.

Rome perished but Romans live. The sun set the British Empire, but it never set on Shakespeare -he belongs to eternity. Ever since the foundation of Ajit Public School, opportunities have opened up for to the students to express themselves through various creative activities. With this-I would like to quote this for all my young Ajities. "Good things come to those who wait, but only those things are left by those who hustle. "


Knowledge, smartness, self-dependence and orientation is the purpose of education in Ajit Public School...



The dyanamic vision of Ajit Public School is that of Mr. Abhishek Jain. His desire to spread value based education...



Objectives of Schooling To develop competence for effective participation in day-to-day situations.

  • Rashmi Sharma

  • Bindu Yadav

  • Pravnav Kalawat

  • Priyal Jain

  • Tushar Jain

  • Parul Gupta

  • Diya Jain

Special care on Students

Special Care provides on-site physical, occupational, speech and behavioral therapy to our students. Therapy is critical for children with special needs in order to reach their full potential. With 11 therapists, students are able to receive high-quality therapy when they attend Special Care. Therapists are able to work with teachers to be able to bring what a student is working on in therapy to the classroom.