Vission & Mission

The dyanamic vision of Ajeet Public Sec. School is that of Mr. Abhishek Jain. His desire to spread value based education has taken roots in Ajeet Public Sec. School. He aims to provide the children a relaxed, stress free atmosphere, which is important to enhance their development to have a productive happy life. He welcomes all the students and wishes them a happy school life.

The Mission
Knowledge, smartness, self-dependence and orientation is the purpose of education in Ajit Public School. The aim of the school is not only to teach children but to groom them smart and develop their inherent qualities so that they can seed the global society towards progress, prosperity, harmony and growth. Objectives of Schooling
To develop competence for effective participation in day-to-day situations.
To develop basic mental abilities and skills.
To help in physical growth and proficiency in games.
To help learn how to establish good human relationships, imbibe virtues of moral courage and social discipline.
To acquire economic understanding and efficiency in the management of expenditure.

We ensure that our students have the right opportunities to excel in the academics as well as co-curricular activates. Participation in performing arts such as music, dance, drama, debate and theatre develops our student’s confidence and communication skills. Opportunities are created for students to learn to appreciate the great master in fine arts.